Manufacturing systems and machines


MAG offers machine tools
manufacturing systems, and services.

MAG - Manufacturing Technology

MAG is a leading group in the technology and production of applications for milling and turning operations for turnkey systems with technologies developed on client specifications.
MAG offers machine tools, production systems and services, including turning, milling, sanding, system integration, automation, software, maintenance, retrofit, e-learning, and basic components for machine tools.
With a solid base based on renowned machine tool brands such as BOEHRINGER, Cross Hüller, Ex-Cell-O and Lamb, MAG has become a global player with unrivaled technology and expertise since its foundation in 2005.

Machining of cubic parts

With the series of SPECHT® and XT MAG machines it is proposed to supply complex cells or single high-end single-spindle and twin-spindle machines for milling and not only with the aim of satisfying any specific customer request.

Machining of rotatory parts

MAG is able to provide a complete and advanced solution in the machining of crankshafts with clamping and transfer solutions with horizontal or vertical axis. It also has a range of specific machines for machining crankshafts as well as machines of the XR series for cold rolling of shaft grooves.

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